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About Us

Pas de Mer is an independent brand born in Italy in 2015. An unconventional sarcastic vision that translates what stimulates him into essential but disruptive illustrations. This graphic language combined with the streetwear background of the brand, creates a relaxed and sophisticated collection.


Let’s say that you want to make something meaningful, that resonates on a worldwide scale and becomes influential in the streetwear panorama. Now think that you start from scratch. Form a little town nobody cares about 9 months a year. Lived by only sixty thousand souls. On an Island. In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. 200km away from mainland. With no textile industries. No trends nor youth fluxes.

Not the easiest task, indeed.
That were the conditions out of which PDM was born. And if it was hard to think about it, imagine making it actually happen. But all this struggle has been essential to the brand by inspiring that deep need to finally find the way through the intricate jungle of issues and setbacks to just reach the openness of the coast where one can finally see the line of the horizon.
They were essential in the way that - flipping the coin - to reach its vision, the brand breathed inspiration from international scenes. This load of inputs, suggestions and esthetics are what grounded the taste of Pas De Mer. Because “if you don’t have the tools you need, you go and get them elswhere”.That’s how the ultimate realities of the international fashion and art industries got to be the seeds of our brand.